…was just this past February, when I was viewing the frozen Hudson from a train window. I’d lived in New York State for many years, yet I’d never actually seen the great river iced over. It was amazing watching the Coast Guard Cutter breaking up the ice as well, to forge a trail for an inland passage.

Ice is a form of water, which may symbolically be a representation of our emotional state, or possibly of the unconscious. When the children or adults with whom I work use ice forms, it can be an indicator of something that is “locked up” in their psyche, or a way to express what has been “frozen up” for safety for some time – or as a way to point to something that needs “cooling down”.

We use ice all the time in America. What would “sweet tea” be without its ice? Yet miles and miles of ice on the Hudson sparked a feeling in me of the immense power of water in its chilliest form…and of the beauty of something grand right in front of my eyes.

What awe-some thing have you seen recently that you’ve viewed for the first time? What does it spark in you?