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Mapping the Girl Heroine’s Journey in Sandplay

With A Foreword by Eric Green

A Therapist’s Guide to Mapping the Girl Heroine’s Journey in Sandplay
This book highlights crucial aspects of these journeys through the Sandplay Journey Map and assists clinicians to gain perspective on the girl’s journey towards self-confidence, mastery of challenging tasks of psychological development and behavioral competence.

Mapping the journey provides beginning as well as seasoned therapists a means of strengthening therapists’ clinical acuity and overall perspective on individual casework and the complexity of clinical dynamics of the girl’s journey throughout the therapeutic process. Grounded in practical application and examples, readers are guided through each stage of the journey. Two clinical case studies, a compelling heroine’s tale, and experiential exercises illustrate and complement the mandala mapping practice therapeutically.

Color in the case tray pictures conveys more information, fully representing the symbolic images. Here are the links to the color pictures of the full case trays of both Lainey (20 trays) and Jess (25 trays).