Most people don’t believe me when I say that they can be hypnotized. It’s true: if you’ve ever experienced a light trance or daydream, hypnosis is possible.
We’re often introduced to hypnosis through books and movies where magicians or snake charmers trick people into doing sinister things. Because of this stigma, we are taught to think that being hypnotized means losing sense of mind-body control, when in fact, the opposite is true. When we become hypnotized, we’re giving ourselves access to our deepest emotions so that we can begin to explore them.

You’ll find that my methods of hypnosis are rather informal. I use scripts to help my clients become “unstuck” from their fears, anger, or painful memories. These scripts are based on each client’s own images and metaphors, as well as stories that build a therapeutic bond and mindset open to healing.

Remember, hypnosis isn’t a solitary process. I’ll be there with you as your river guide, helping you go with the flow, and get deeper as you go.