Sandplay Training

Busy Hands, Open minds
When the hands are busy, the mind is open.
This idea is at the heart of how Sandplay works. To get through our deepest fears and face tough obstacles, we must dig deep into the sand.
I believe Sandplay is one of the most healing forms of therapy, allowing us to break down conscious barriers and create worlds that tell us about what’s happening inside our bodies and minds.

When we play in the sand, we use trays that act as palettes for expression. These trays become the foundation of our work together, a “home” and sacred space for creatures, figurines, superheroes and heroines that represent life and fantasy.

My clients have an entire set of shelves to pick these figures from, figures that speak to them or that they identify with consciously or subconsciously.

There are no other constraints; we only work in the tray to define a space for ourselves.

Through the physical act of arranging these trays, we tell stories about how we hurt or suffer without having to verbalize anything directly. Joseph Campbell, iconic author, conceptualized this process as The Hero’s Journey, illustrating changes of initiation, challenge and acceptance on the path to maturity. Sandplay guides us through a similar process, allowing us to name our fears and accept our challenges.

Work with my clients as a “river guide”

Being present, going with the flow, and getting deeper with you as you go are at the heart of my practice.
I believe that being present allows us to feel how fun and sweet life can be, a place where people can trust themselves and work on themselves.

Let’s hold a space for trust. Let’s take the journey together – through, and into, the sand.