Forsythia: first sign of spring, NC 2019

“I regard wonder as a key healing component of client-play therapist relationships. My play therapy goal is to be in wonder with my client.”

Dr. Emily Keller is an RPT and LPC-S, is a North Carolina psychologist practicing in Pittsboro. Her article, “Wonder: The Key to Being in an Authentic Relationship with Children” includes a compelling case vignette about discovering the value and joy in pursuing creativity and authenticity with families. 

“I do not wonder what parents are doing”, she writes, “but how they are being with their children…When we are willing to be spontaneous, vulnerable to intimacy, and to notice and to respond to the nuances of ourselves and others, we make room for progress”.

Dr. Keller shows us the power of curiosity, and the relational goal of meeting our clients in wonder, wherever they are. Her article can be found in the latest Play Therapy Magazine, March 2019, Vol. 14(1).