Workshops are just for us – a chance to join hands and play in the sand together.

These workshops and Master Classes are for licensed counselors, school counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and play therapists looking to expand their community, learn from experts, and gain experience in lesser-known areas of Sandplay.

I’ve designed these workshops and classes to be immersive and educational, a chance to focus in on a special aspect of Sandplay that adds depth to the knowledge you already possess. Storytelling, symbolism, depth work using Jungian psychology, mapping the Heroine’s journey in sandwork, and the relationships between therapist and client are a few of the topics I like to talk about.

In the past, I’ve held some really fun and informative workshops such as:

  •  “Here Be Dragons! Understanding The Sandplay Journey Map©”
  •  “Seeing With Real Eyes: Vulnerability and Courage in Sandplay and Play Therapy Stories”
  •  “Using Enchanted Stories and Tales to Enrich our Sandplay Work”
  •  “Integrating Storytelling & Sandplay into Play Therapy with Children”
  •  “Creative Integration of Storytelling, Clinical Hypnosis and Resource Tapping in Play Therapy”
  •  “What in the World Does This Mean? Symbols and the Symbolic Process in Sandplay”
  •  “Sitting with Heart: Buddhist Mindfulness and Sandplay Practice in Therapeutic Relationships”
  •  “The Burning Bowl©: Using Fire Directly and Symbolically in Sandplay”

To see more of the workshops I’ve led in the past, take a look at my CV page here, or the Current & Recent Training Schedule.

Sandplay Training

We therapists need a river guide who can help us navigate the deep waters of Sandplay training. That’s why I work with therapists who are taking this brave step to bring Sandplay therapy into their own practice, as a way of helping children and adults express their thoughts and emotions more clearly.

I offer Sandplay Training as a way of acclimating mental health professionals to the process and purpose of Sandplay: drawing from symbolism, personality types, and research to guide our practice.

Individual Work in Sandplay: Process

But to begin working with others in Sandplay, you must first work in the sand yourself. In your initial consultation with me, we’ll discuss your goals and motives for becoming interested in Sandplay. What do you hope to offer your own clients in Sandplay? We will explore what makes you uniquely qualified to help others work in the sand.

Next, we’ll begin our required 40 hours of sand trays, dreamwork, journaling, expressive arts, discussion, and direct (verbal) therapy. Focusing on our own work in the sand is a deep dive into symbolism – religion, fairy tales, myths and traditions – as well as the psychological framework that makes up the role of both therapist and healer.

Individual & Group Consultation

Being present, going with the flow, and getting deeper with you as you go are at the heart of my training and clinical practice. Therapists especially, need a private and sheltered space to learn to trust our intuition and discernment about client work in the sand. We can then develop a rewarding working relationship in consultation. Taking time to understand different supervision styles and needs helps to focus each consultation session in helpful ways for both therapist and client.

Individual and group consultation sessions in person or using VoIP (Voice Over IP Internet Connections) provide a way to further training and professional goals in Sandplay.

For Sandplay Therapists of America membership certification requirements:

For the International Society of Sandplay Therapists:


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