Dr. Heiko’s publications:

conversation-with-estelle-weinribA Conversation with Estelle Weinrib: An Interview by Barbara WellerA Reflection by Rosalind L. Heiko, Cary, North Carolina, USA

Counseling Families: Play-Based Treatment

Book Releases Oct. 15, 2015
by Eric Green (Editor, Contributor), Jennifer Baggerly (Editor), Amie C. Myrick (Editor, Contributor), Robert Jason Grant (Contributor), Louise Guerney (Contributor), Rosalind Heiko (Contributor), Linda E. Homeyer PhD (Contributor), & 12more

Reviews of Dr. Roz’s Publications

Introduction to Sandplay: Bold & Kind. Heroic & Compassionate Mentoring for Be-ginners and Seasoned Professionals” by Rosalind L. Heiko

A Reflection by Eliana Gil, Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Journal of Sandplay Therapy
JST Reflections: Books & Events



journal-sandplay-therapyJournal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 20 (2) 2011, p. 147.

Review of “Working with children to heal interpersonal trauma: the power of play”, Ed. by Eliana Gil, The Guildford Press, 2010, reviewed by Daniel C. Nelson, Loudonville, New York, USA

Includes review of “Finding the treasure within: Spontaneous storytelling and the sandplay journey of a emotionally despairing girl” by Rosalind Heiko.

Review of Dr. Roz’s chapter in Eliana Gil’s edited book







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